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We hate seeing timber wasted, we will salvage any piece of timber that we can to create something memorable from. We have knocked down old houses, shearing sheds and plenty of old fences to find that perfect piece. Just to be able to re-use timber and give it a second, third or sometimes even fourth life is the ultimate reward. Every piece of re-claimed timber has a story to tell and we are happy to share the story of how we obtained the timber and what we know of it for you. Because of this we specialize in reclaimed timbers.

We also source timber from local farmers and saw mills where everything is sustainable. Some of our favourite timbers to use are red gum, reclaimed ash and red stringy. If you have a suitable piece of timber, we are happy to preserve it in a beautiful, custom made item for you.

We also work with the local landcare group to make sure our profession isn’t a dying one. We make a donation from every piece of commissioned furniture.

We use traditional joining techniques such as mortice and tenon, dowel and dovetail to make sure your piece of custom made furniture will last forever, along with these methods we also use modern mechanisms in our furniture, this takes nothing away from the look of the piece but adds a little bit of luxury with soft closing drawers just as an example.

As well as traditional methods we are always open to trying something new.


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Trent has been in the furniture making business since commencing his apprenticeship in Wodonga at the ‘Timber Shed Furniture & Wodonga Joinery’ in 2004 where he worked for 7 years specialising in bespoke timber furniture. During this time he also graduated with an apprenticeship in Furniture at Wodonga TAFE, where he was awarded top apprentice in his class.

In 2012 he took the opportunity to move to Geelong to gain additional experience in building and installing kitchens, vanities and laundries.

After travelling overseas during 2013 he returned to Wodonga and after some time working with kitchen cabinetry Trent decided to follow his passion of working with timber and launched TKEL Furniture.



(17.4.1955 – 5.1.2018)

Merv came from a farming family, having grown up in the small Mallee country town of Rainbow. Here he completed all his schooling before commencing a 42 year career with the National Australia Bank in March 1973.

After several appointments in rural Victoria, he and his family finally arrived in Wodonga in January 1997 and where they Merv made his home home.

Merv elected to take 12 months Long Service Leave from the NAB in May 2014. This coincided with Trent starting his own business. This then led to Merv deciding to retire in July 2015 and help Trent to grow his business.

At the time this included looking after the organisation of the books, but also involved him on almost a daily basis working with Trent. He assisted in the workshop to make furniture etc, as we use a lot of re-claimed timber, he was often designated the job of removing nails, screws etc from the timber before we commenced the job of turning it into a loved piece of For furniture.

Merv passed away in January 2018. Without his passion, commitment and drive, TKEL Furniture would never have come about, for this we will be forever grateful.   



From an early age Cain enjoyed being in the shed with his Pa and Dad building small pieces of furniture and novelty items. His love for timber was really uncovered when he undertook timber studies at school while he was a student at Victory Lutheran College. He tried the building and construction and furnishing courses taught at Victory Lutheran College under the same teacher Trent trained under in TAFE.  Cain thoroughly enjoyed the furnishing component and would like to continue to develop his skills in this area.  Cain completed his Year 11 work experience at TKEL Furniture 1 day a week.  His enthusiasm also saw him using any spare time such as school holidays to come in and help out.

We look forward to working with Cain to develop his skills and to become a fine furniture maker at TKEL Furniture, building the future antique.

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TKEL Furniture & Its Partners

Through our partnership with Wodonga Land care and Our Native Nursery we are insuring that we replace more than we use. The TKEL Furniture legacy will continue to grow, giving future generations the ability to enjoy fresh air and stunning natural beauty that our Australian native trees have to offer. With every piece of Handmade Custom furniture created by TKEL Furniture a donation is made.


Trent Keller Tree Planting

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At TKEL Furniture nothing is impossible. We are happy to meet with you, help you design and personally build your piece of furniture in the comfort of your own home.

TKEL Furniture

TKEL Furniture is an Australian family-owned bespoke furniture and kitchen business.
We love designing and crafting one of a kind pieces, made to last forever and to hand down through the generations.
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