We love what we do...

At TKEL Furniture nothing is impossible.
We are happy to meet with you, help you design and personally build your piece of furniture.



Everyday we work with our clients to design and craft their perfect piece of furniture from sustainable and recycled timbers, using classical joinery, the latest products and modern practices.


Quality products and services 
Environmental sustainability 
Innovative practice 
Enjoyable workplace


We are Australia’s leader in furniture design and construction, providing services nation wide and working with high end furniture and interior designers.  Using recycled timbers and sustainable products whilst assisting local land care groups with the donation of trees. 

TKEL Furniture

TKEL Furniture is an Australian family-owned bespoke furniture and kitchen business.
We love designing and crafting one of a kind pieces, made to last forever and to hand down through the generations.
Say hello to us tkelfurniture@gmail.com